Payment FAQ

Payment Methods?

Paypal, Credit & Debit Cards:

We accept Paypal funds payment and all credit cards supported by Paypal. You can click on Buy and proceed with the instructions.

What if I want to change or cancel my purchase?

Voucher sold is Non-refundable unless if the merchant cease the operation, we will refund in full amount, please email info@nicedeal.sg.

Are there any hidden charges or commitments?

Not at all. We will clearly show you all the costs upfront before you buy, and there are no further commitments. However, if you have paid by credit card via paypal, $1 might be frozen by paypal for verification and would be returned to you in a couple days.

Do I need a PayPal account? 

No, if you don’t have a PayPal account you will be given the option to use your credit card. Bottom line is that a PayPal account is not necessary.

Is this secure?

Yes. We use PayPal’s payment gateway, which means information is protected by SSL with an encryption key length of 168 bits (the highest level commercially available).


Product Delivery FAQ


How to I redeem the product with delivery options?

After clicking "Buy", fill in the address and select the delivery options. Items will be mailed to you. Delivery durations are stated in the fine prints. You may save your address under "my nicedeal" >>''my account'' after login and the address will be auto filled in each time you purchased.


How to check the delivery info?

After login, go to "my nicedeal" >>''my order'' >> Click on "details" on the deal that you brought.


What happened if the item is lost if I opt for Normal mail via Singpost and how to proof you mailed my item?

We use Cert of Posting by Singpost for Normal Mail, No tracking but stamped by Singpost to proof that we mailed your item. Item will not be replace nor refunded if item is lost. Thus we do not recommend Normal Mail. Registered Mail or courier are highly recommended.


What is the difference between Normal Mail, Registered Mail and Courier?

Normal Mail with cert of posting by Singpost, No tracking but stamped by Singpost to proof that we mailed your item. There may be small percentage changes of lost mail. Delivery takes 2-5 working days usually. Parcel goes to mailbox.


Registered Mail with tracking number by Singpost (Track via: http://www.singpost.com/), Safe, takes 2-5 working days. Deliveryman goes to your doorstep. If there is no one at home, Singpost deliveryman will drop a notice letter for you to collect at the post office. If the item is not collected at the post office, item will be send back to us. For undelivered mail, we will not re-mail the item, buyer have to provide shipping fee for the 2nd time shipping.


Courier with tracking number by TCK Express (Track via: http://www.tckexpress.com/), Safe and fast, takes 1-2 working days. Contact: 6684 6646. Deliveryman goes to your doorstep. For undelivered mail, we will not re-mail the item, buyer have to provide shipping fee for the 2nd time shipping.


All deliveries are subject to potential delays including but not limited to delays resulting from adverse traffic conditions.


What happened if the product received is defected? (Example the zip of the pouch is spoil)

Customers are to bring complete product set down to our shop for exchange within 14 days from the date the item is shipped out. Do email us at info@nicedeal.sg to inform so that we can reserve the item for your exchange. Product are not allow for exchange if you mishandle and spoil the item yourself.


General FAQ


How does NiceDeal.sg score these great discounts?

The concept is simple: there's a lot of buying power in numbers. The bigger the crowd, the bigger the savings! Local businesses in Singapore are happy to offer these discounts only if a minimum number of customers buy.


What does it mean when the deal is activated?

It means that everyone who clicks “Buy” can enjoy the deal since the minimum number of buyers required to validate the deal was achieved.


What happens if not enough people sign up for a deal?

You can track how many Buyers have signed up the deal on the home page. If not enough people sign up, then no one gets the deal and you won’t be charged. If more buyers are needed, invite your friends using Facebook, Twitter or email.


I don't want to miss the deal. How do I get it?

On nicedeal.sg, deals are time sensitive and require a minimum number of people to sign up. Click on “Buy” before the deal ends and go through the quick and secure payment process. Your deal is only activated if enough people sign up, so share the love with your friends!


What happens after I authorise my payment?

Once the deal ends, you’ll receive an email receipt confirming that your credit card or PayPal account has been charged. The E-Coupon will be automatically generated on your NiceDeal Account for printing after payment. If not enough people sign up, the deal is cancelled and you won’t be charged.


I bought a deal, now how do I use it?

Depends on the redemption mode, we’ll either mail you the physical coupon/product, or generate the e-coupon on your NiceDeal Account for you to print out and redeem the service. For more details, you can follow the redemption instructions on our confirmation letter and enjoy your purchase!

When can I use my Coupon?

In most cases you can use the Coupon anytime. But just in case, check the redemption terms on your Coupon for any time or day restrictions. You don’t have to use it on the day you purchased the deal, just make sure it is used before the expiration date!


Can I combine my Coupon with other offers or specials?

No, unless otherwise indicated.


Do I need to use the full value of my Coupon at one go?

Yes. We cannot offer store credit or cash back for any portion of the coupon value that you did not use.


What if the business for my Coupon closes down?

If anything happens that makes it impossible for you to redeem your Coupon, you will promptly get a full refund. We back up every deal we sell.


How can I feature my business on NiceDeal.sg?

Click here if you want to Feature your Business. Also, we’re looking for cool and trendy spots in Singapore, so recommend any of your favorite places to info@nicedeal.sg